There were times when I would randomly have an outburst of crying just for passing the nasi uduk stall we used to have dinner at.
But I'm over it.

There were times when I would stop myself in the middle of an evening run just because the thought of you came.
But I'm over it.

There were times when I would stare at my phone just after I landed from a flight, forgetting that there no longer was person I needed to tell about my whereabout. 
But I fucking am over it.

There were times when I avoided sad songs simply because I didn't need any more things that would make my feelings even worse.
But the thought of it makes me laugh now.

But there was a time when the feelings were just too much because some things were harder to adjust to.
And today was the day.


I don't understand why most people treat the process of healing, moving on and letting go after breakups like some sort of race. Everyone feels different way when going through a breakup, don't they? But seriously, writing this doesn't mean that I'm still mourning the future that no longer belongs to me. I'm beyond past that.