It could be confusing sometimes
To think that I had the need
To tell people why I do what I do.
But at the same time
Also not wanting to say the reason why I do what I do.
Because I didn't owe any explanation
To those who only question to ridicule
Instead of actually listening.

Then suddenly, life led me to you.

We were never that much apart.
In fact, I had always been here as much as you did.
I knew stuff about you and so did you.
Did we get along great? 
Oh, I guess we did.
I even had this thought that you were the exact kind of person 
I'd love to surround myself with.
And I guess that thought turned to be a prayer granted.

I'm not saying that we agree on everything.
We really don't.
But every time you asked questions, it sounded genuine.
There's no reason for me having a fear of being ridicule at all.
Because having a conversation with you 
Feels like having a feast for my curious mind.
You teach me that the sky is never the limit.
That there's much I can't see
But not until I tilt my head and shift my perspective.
With you, I get my question marks answered.
And with you, diving into a pool filled with deep thoughts
No longer feels lonely and sad.

Photograph by Lulu Nisrina