Photographed by Lulu Nisrina

I have been longing for road trips since these past two months. I think I need a break from uni's morning rush and assignments. It wouldn't be longer than a week or two, maybe. I need some refreshments. I need to read more books without having to worry about the paper I leave in order to be with the books I love. I need to see and enjoy the clear blue sky.

I've missed being by the beach. I've missed having a gaze at the beauty of Mother Nature. I've missed the feel of sand under my feet. I've missed the smell of the salt water. I've missed the pleasure I got when I dipped my toes into the water. I've missed the shore and the way we ran to each other. I've missed getting soaked. I've missed the sun-kissed skin. I've missed seeing the beautiful living creatures surrounding the beach. I've missed summer break at the beach. But most of all, I've missed the feeling to appear as a tiny dot compared to the big, sparkling sea.

Sea always amazes me, and this is whole-heartedly written. For sea is the simplest tranquility I could ever ask for.