“I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight. I need somebody and always 
this sick strange darkness comes creeping on. So haunting every time.” —Blink 182

Everyone has started to post everything Halloween-related posts on Instagram, Snapchat and blog, which means October 2014 is going to come to an end. By the end of the the month, there are lots of things going on my mind, in this very time, and most of them upset me to the bone. I got easily anxious and teary these days. But the word 'teary' doesn't stand for facing hundreds of problem, no. I was just being emotional. Even the smallest thing I found could easily resulted in a drop of tear or two. Just like when I watched a video of a girl Youtuber, who was enthusiastically telling her story about meeting the people she adored. I could tell she was happy and I couldn't help for not letting a drop of happy and envious tear for her.

When I'm in my most uncomfortable state, I used to look for some inspirations whether it's an outfit inspiration, home décor, or just some quotes that will uplift my mood. So, since it's almost the end of October, I think it's the perfect time to collect my inspiration. The pictures are closely related to my current mood: minimalistic and poetic. All pictures are taken from Pinterest.