Summer is everyone's favourite. We wait for the season to come, like, all year; for the sun-kissed skin, the road trips and bright coloured outfits (which I didn't really have)! I mean, it's basically Summer all year long here, but being a uni student, I get to have a the three-month break that feels like a summer break, no? But it's such a super long break to be filled with nothing. Reading is one thing, but finishing a saga with six series? That's what this summer's about. P.S. This post contains spoilers from The Mortal Instruments series. Also, I'm sorry that the image in this blog post has nothing related to the series.

From June to the early of August, I'd been sticking myself with The Mortal Instruments series which I loved. To be honest, I didn't read the book first before I watched the big screen version of City of Bones. Yes, I watched the movie first then I came to a realisation that this must be a good story to be read, and yes, I was right. I even liked the book better than the movie as there were quite many important parts to me which were eliminated in the movie. Just like one of my favourite characters, Raphael Santiago, the former head of New York's vampire clan.

Finishing the first three books was a bit quick cause I enjoyed the stories that much, and you have to know that I bought the third, fourth and fifth book all at once just because I didn't want to sit and do nothing when I finished the City of Ashes. I just wanted to gather all new informations as fast as I could! But then there came a call from the clothing company where I'm doing my internship, and all of a sudden, I became busy and left the rest of my Mortal Instruments series alone. Well, that didn't last long as I kept on reading during weekend, though I became a slow reader, until I finally finished City of Heavenly Fire on the 2nd or 3rd of August (I always forgot to update my goodreads feed).

Even though this post is not an actual book review, I still want to let you know about the things that I like and dislike about the book.

My favourite characters go to Magnus Bane (he's so charming, besides he's probably the only posh guy in the series), Alec Lightwood, Isabele Lightwood, Jonathan Morgenstern (when he came back to an actual human, tears just ran down on my cheek), Raphael Santiago, Simon Lewis and Jordan Kyle. Sorry to not including Clary and her family here as they totally not my type of favourite characters. No offence, but, the Clary-Jocelyn-Luke trio, to my mind, was just a group of too selfish people who didn't care about the risks other people had to take as long as their loved ones could be saved. Did you get what I'm trying to say? I just couldn't find the proper words for that. Anyway, Jace was my favourite until he became too in love with Clary that he sometimes acted stupid in the name of love.

Overall, I love the series and I couldn't wait for The Dark Artifices! Oh, how I'm such a fan. But, this paragraph should be the one filled with my dislikes. What I dislike was probably the end of the series, which was the City of Heavenly Fire. I loved the way Cassandra Clare wrote those magical stories that I like, the way she described the more human version of Jonathan Morgenstern after he got burnt by the heavenly fire, and I loved the part when Simon started to remember Izzy after Asmodeus took all of his Shadow World memories, but the ending.. I think not every story has to have a happy ending. Don't get me wrong, I love happy endings, but just not the book's happy ending. The reason was, again, because it seemed the happy ending was a bit more concerned to the love life of Clary and Jace and it was just a typical happy ending where everybody's in the party and be happy.

I am fully aware that everyone has their own point of view about the books. Reading is fun and so is sharing opinions! So, have you read the books yet? What was your favorite book from the series?