Hi Gorgeous!

Today was the last day of final exam which I was really excited about. It's also New Year's Eve, everyone. Although I have no plan for tonight, that's fine. At least I can enjoy the night with my laptop and a cup of coffee.

Have I told you about my exam today? No? Well, I just want to share my personal thoughts related to my presentation this morning in the classroom. Don't worry, it's still fashion related.

So, my presentation this morning was about fur and animal rights. I didn't know why I chose that topic, I just felt like the fur issue is important to be shared. I guess I know that I've always loved animals all my live, and knowing that there are millions of animals die annually just for fur is very, very heart breaking. I used to think that it was fine to wear fur as long as the animals are not being wasted, like the meat can still be produced for food and their bones can still be used for.. I don't know, anything maybe, if they are any useful? But then again, animals still have to suffer even for those mentioned reasons. And it's different in the real life. From what I read, the animals in fur farms are being trapped or raised in cages only for their fur.

You must be thinking that I'm a vegan since I sound like an anti-fur. Actually, I'm not a vegan (yet). As hypocritical as it sounds, I still eat meat but that doesn't make me care less about the animals. I tried to stop eating meat, not all kinds of meat actually. I tried pescatarian but it lasted only for one month. Feel free to judge, but it was hard not to eat meat around people who do. 

OK, back to fur, I personally think that wearing fur belongs to long time ago when people did not have anything to substitute fur to keep them in warm. I get the reason many people love fur coats is because they give these gorgeous and glamorous vibes to our looks. But, hey, nowadays, we have a way better technology that is able to produce faux fur which is great and looks as cool.

So, what are your thoughts on the fur debate?

Image source: The Telegraph 

Note (22 August 2020): A little update regarding this topic. My view on fur haven't changed. I still don't support fur and think that it's OK to wear one, unless it is the only way for people to stay warm, in some parts of the world (not for the majority of world population who live in relatively mild climates). But there is one thing that that's changed: I am now a vegetarian! I started out as a pescatarian in 2015 and have been vegetarian since 2018. This change of lifestyle has brought a lot of new perspectives in my life. I am staying positive and continuing to educate myself on animal cruelty, health and the environment.