The All New Sienta


Thinking back to the previous post of mine about the All New Sienta Pop Up Playground, I haven't mentioned about the All New Sienta itself.

So, basically, All New Sienta is the latest mini MPV car launched by Toyota. What makes me excited about the car is its stylish design, spacious interior and the sliding door feature. Luckily, I got the chance to test-drive the car around Gandaria (or, how do you say it if you were not the one who was driving and only a passenger instead? :P).

Well, I know that I would always opt for public transportation before hand, but I would say if you're looking for a spacious car that would last you a lifetime, this can be your number one choice. The car luggage literally fits everything you need. Let's say yoga mats, bicycle, boxes of shoes, makeup bags, makeup train cases, you name it. Moreover, the All New Sienta upper dashboard box features cooler function that you can use to store your makeup during long road trip! How brilliant. And what better is, their E and G type are leather-free, yeay!

For more info, check out and contact the Toyota dealer near you.

Note: This is an advertorial post.

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