A Healthy Weekend at Sienta Pop Up Playground


I’m back everyone. It’s been two months since I started my full time job as a content writer and two months since I'd been away from this blog. I'm still learning to make some times to write whenever I have leisure time. Somebody please give me advice on maintaining being productive outside my working schedule!

Anyways, I’ve actually been planning countless of upcoming writings for this blog and some of those writings will be about my personal thoughts and views about life. So, until I finish cooking all those new posts, let me share a little story of my healthy Saturday.

Consuming veggies and thinking positive are necessary to achieve a healthy body. But physical activity is better not to be skipped. Unfortunately, I am not a person who puts exercise on my daily routine. Working five days a week has become my excuse to spend my weekends being lazy around the house. But thankfully, on Friday, a friend of mine, Ajeng, who is a fellow blogger, asked me to join her for yoga and zumba sessions at the All New Sienta Pop Up Playground. Without hesitate, I told her I'm in. This time, I didn't want to skip a good opportunity to do something new, that was practicing yoga.

I didn't regret saying yes to her offer cause yesterday was a total fun! Not only because I enjoyed first ever peaceful and refreshing yoga session, but also I got to enjoy all the fruits served on the snack corner. As a fruit and veggie monster, I was beyond happy to go back again and again to the snack corner. Seriously, they had a wooden box full of bananas, everyone.
Started from 8 AM to 5 PM, the event brought Kamidia Radisti as the MC as well as health and fitness influencers such as Fathan Todjon, Nadya Putriani and Fajar Putra.

Want to join the upcoming fun Pop Up Playground? Click here to find out more!

Note: This is an advertorial post.

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