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I can't believe it's been more than half a year of me missing from this blog. My previous post was from July, everyone!

Now please tell me, is it just me or is it always hard to write a new post after a long hiatus? It kind of felt like I was missing for too long and I had to write a super long post explaining why and where did I go, when in reality, all the things that made me busy was mostly uni.

Well, back on July, my friends and I were busy preparing our other blog, Whizette, which lasted until the launching day on October. Then on November to December, I had an internship at one of the local government departments. There was no time for blog in between 8 to 5 working days and uni's assignments.

But, I've promised myself that 2016 is going to be a new start for me to be a lot more productive (whether in blogging or doing sports, as living a healthier life is certainly the goal I'd kill to achieve :p). And now I have some pictures of my outfit I wore yesterday for lunch and driving around as a start of a more productive year in blogging.

Denim jacket and Converse are my current go-to picks. When in doubt I could just throw anything to be paired with them, and yes, they really help me to create an effortlessly stylish look. For yesterday, I was in the mood to keep things minimal. By minimal I meant wearing something grey underneath the jacket plus a pair of cropped trousers to finish the look. I just wanted to skip an all-black outfit for awhile.

Anyways, most of the pieces of clothing I wore in this post is not the newest in store. But since the point of my outfit post is to give some kind of outfit inspiration, so that won't be a problem, I guess..

Top, TRF by Zara - Trousers, Uniqlo - Jacket,  - Shoes, Converse - Watch, Daniel Wellington - Bag, Stradivarius - Sunglasses, H&M

Photographed by Karina Adilah

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