Sharing is Caring


Image: Made by Riley & IEMMA

In 21 years of my life, thousand of times I have heard this phrase: sharing is caring. I didn't know where the phrase came from but yes I agree that in a good way, sharing is caring. 

A couple of weeks ago, Made by Riley, a UK based charitable fashion brand, contacted me to mention the brand on my upcoming blog post, telling that a percentage of the brand's selling goes to its handpicked charities. Since I am a believer that fashion can go hand in hand with charity, I didn't hesitate to have a look at Made by Riley online page. And an honest opinion of mine wants to tell you that they do have great shirts to be worn on a casual summer day! (My favourite is the Lifechanger jumper.)

You know, it's always great to share a huge smile to other people, yet you wouldn't know what good it would bring to their day. But if you could give a little more than smile to others in need, why not? If you decided to purchase a piece of clothing from the site, think of the piece you buy as a thing that would make you and others happy. Well, first, you'd make someone in other parts of the world or city pack and send the item for you. Second, you'd receive a piece of clothing that you desire. Third, a charitable organisation would get a percentage of your purchase. And, fourth, some other percentage would go to make other charitable goods to be purchased! 

At last, whichever way you choose to share the goodness in life, keep on doing it and inspire others simply because sharing is caring. 

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