The Good Life


Top - Pull & Bear; Trousers - Uniqlo; Shoes - Topshop; Bag -  Pull & Bear

Measuring how good the life we live will never be enough, for human beings are never really satisfied. But being thankful for what we have is easier than keep on counting what we have until it is classified as perfect. 

These picture were actually taken months ago by my sister and now I just had my free time to upload and write about this outfit. 

Have I told you that wide legged trousers are my current obsession? Ever since bloggers and off-duty models started wearing the trousers last summer, I have been in love and wanting to try some. Thankfully, I found these black trousers suit me well and they matched almost everything. Wide legged babies are the perfect choice for me to enjoy a relaxed weekend, away from the skin-tight jeans.

The statement of this outfit was my Pull & Bear grey shirt. The shirt I was wearing got me fell in love at the first sight for its simple writing of "The Good Life". When I was wearing the shirt, it sure felt like the shirt telling me to be happy with my own skin and life for I was living a good one. The shirt might also be the one who made me send my huge smile to the camera. Who knows?

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  1. wide legged trousers are the best! and i loove your shirt as well, it sends good vibes, even through my laptop screen :)

  2. being thankful for what we do have now is one step to happiness. great post! love the outfit.
    enjoy the rest of your week xx


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