No One Cares


"No one cares" has become one of my favourite terms to use whenever I hang out with my siblings or best friends and we kind of doing something weird. Not weird but, you know what usually happens when you are around with people that have a lot of in commons with you. Other people may stare at us, but the chance for us to see them again would be very little! So, as long we don't make other people feel uncomfortable with our existence, keep on saying "No one cares!"

I wore this outfit to an art exhibition held in a public university in Bandung. I have to admit that I currently in love with the faux fur jacket I wore in the pictures. It's such a beautiful item that gives a perfect touch to a simple outfit. Not forgetting that I'd never get enough anything faux fur.. x

Shirt, Forever 21 - Trousers, Topshop - Jacket, H&M - Bag, Charles & Keith - Shoes, Mango

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  1. Awesome outfit!


  2. love ur outfit! but i would maybe wear it in wild loose curls - hair down ...

    1. Thanks, Carolina! I actually styled it loose curls - hair down before the rain poured and turned the day into a humid day haha. xx


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