Cobain Shirt


How did we end up talking in the first place? You said you liked my Cobain shirt.
—5 Seconds of Summer

Today was another day devoted to casual outfit. It was just a grocery shopping and lunch day, so I decided not to threw on anything dressier than a cropped sweatshirt and mom jeans. You read it right, mom jeans. They have become my favourite pairs these days. What I love about these women's fit jeans is the way they make me look a little slimmer—of course that happens when I put them together with the right pairsas you probably know that dressing them right is quite tricky—also, my legs need some spaces to move freely as I started to feel tired of wearing skinnies. 

Done with mom jeans, have you noticed that “Kurt Cobain was my first love and I got over him on my sweatshirt? That top got me fell in love from the first sight. How could I not? It has Cobain's name printed on it. Apart from being a Nirvana frontman and a ladies man, he was also a Vogue-approved grunge style icon! Such an inspiration.

Wearing this outfit, I felt like I was living back in the 90s, where girls were listening to Spice Girls and watching Clueless! Ohh, nobody dislikes that movie. As if! To make the outfit looked more 90s, I put on very little makeup on my face. I just focused on the mascara and the shade of mud on my lips (the one I was wearing was NYX soft matte lip cream in London). 

At the end of the day, that would be lovely if someone from 5SOS says that he likes my Cobain shirt, so the lyrics I quote turns out to be real. Haha, no, I'm kidding. Just another wishful thinking. Anyway, what's your favourite autumn style pieces so far?

Top, Cottonink - Jeans, Topshop - Slip-ons, Topshop 
Photographed by Karina Adilah

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