Autumn/Winter is always correlated with wearing something snuggly, (faux) furry, long-sleeved, and so the list goes... And cape, is one of the items of the season. It makes you look chic whilst doing its job to keep you warm. I personally hadn't owned or worn one but wishing to have a black or grey one. Until last Monday became the day when I actually putting on a cape.

Wait, what's that? Oh, it's pretty and look at those lovely statement details!

So, that day I got a chance to wear one of the clothes from ready-to-wear collection of a fashion design student on my campus. Well, not only wearing, I also walked it on a runway believe it or not. Although that wasn't my personal outfit, that's still a cape and I loved it! If the designer make the all black version of it with a little touch of faux leather or velvet, needless to say, I'd definitely get one.

Anyway, I just realised that the fifth semester in university is a totally busy semester. It's only the beginning, I know. But what upset me are: I don't even have time to read the magazines that I just bought three days ago, nor finish the book I've been reading for a month or so, and get a proper sleep each night. I also notice that I started to drink coffee more often than I used to. Don't get me wrong, I do love coffee but I also know that too much coffee isn't a good deal. 

Okay, to everyone who faces the same busyness as I do, hope you're doing well and good luck with your grade—and if you find yourself excited about this season's monochrome items, we're totally click! 

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  1. Love the cape!! Have a great weekend!


  2. This is such a great photo! Just beautiful!
    I love the cape as well!


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