IT is Alexa Chung herself. IT is her writing. IT is her statements. And IT is my love.

This pink hard-covered book is very famous, bet many of you (or all of you) at least seeing it placed on the window display of your favourite bookshops. And Alexa is soo brilliant for getting her easy-to-read writings published. No wonder many people and I, myself love it.

Few of the reasons why do I love IT besides her funny stories are these very simple, understandable words which have beautiful meaning that you have to collect in your mind.

"...Now full conversation and convoluted stories seem redundant. Thanks to twitter, Facebook and Myspace, soon I shall resort to grunting, pointing and 'liking' as a means of communication. Now my attention span has been corrupted to such an extent that I often find myself listening to a friend tell me a story I read about on twitter hours earlier and thinking it inappropriate to tell them I already know. Instead I turn my phone to update my status or 'check in' via a location app. I wouldn't want anyone to miss out 'where I am' in every sense, would I?

"Where will this all end up? Will we completely lose our ability to be private, respectful, subtle? Will romance die? Often I long for a simpler time when break ups weren't made a trillion times worse by tagging, and rather than spelling it out for people you could be irritated by something and not feel as though you had to voice your gripe with convenient hashtags such as #cake and #snow in case it becomes a trending topic."

Sometimes, you have to realise that your life is at its most beautiful state without the existence of social media. If I could, I would spend a week with my internet package off, go for a vacation, riding a brown horse at the meadow by day, and by night I would read my favourite book until I fast asleep.

Well, If you haven't read the book, I'm sorry for being a spoiler. These two paragraphs are too lovely to not being shared.

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  1. I'm waiting to be back in Italy where this book is waiting for me! I bought online just one week ago and I can't wait to read it!
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