grace /greɪs/
simple elegance or refinement of movement

Since I was big enough to understand what I really like, love, want and adore, I knew that I'd always adore the grace of these women; my mum, ballerinas, Southern ladies, and the late Princess of Monacco, Grace Kelly. Besides the way I behave and see something, they also influence my sartorial life.

As a girl, you may understand why sometimes or most of the times you mum yells at you just because you're doing something wrongor to you that thing doesn't seem wrong at all. You know that's because etiquette is all that matters. Do dress appropriately, do not put on lipstick in public, do not text anyone at the dinner table, those are just three of thousand rules you might ever heard in your life and since the rules are too many, that becomes a reason for us as girls to...let's admit, go against those rules sometimes. But, no matter how stubborn we are sometimes, deep down inside we know that those rules are just right and they bring us to what we are today. 

Speaking about my sartorial life, you might only see me wearing jeans and other less dressier and feminine outfit on this blog, compared to the one I'm wearing on these pictures. I need to confess that, yes, since I become a university student I get used to wear jeans weekdays and that habit turns into weekend as well. But I'm actually a big fan of beautiful (black) dresses and skirts, especially the ones that are able to be swirled. I loved channeling Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel and am still!

Enough said, this post is inspired and dedicated to all those women that I adore. Tell me if you're also one of those girls who love to enjoy swirling your skirt! 
Top, H&M - Midi skirt, H&M - Ballet pumps, Topshop - Bracelet, Forever 21 - Ring, Forever 21

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  1. lovely outfit! The skirt totally suits you!

    love, Theri -

  2. That skirt is too beautiful, I love the color! As is the bracelet.

  3. love that skirt. too cute

  4. Beautiful look, nice skirt!!<3 Sure we can follow each other!!




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