Priyo Oktaviano


Have you ever seen real-life superheroes? Your mum, dad, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even a stranger you've just met is probably one of them. But have you seen one on a runway? You would if you were at Jakarta Convention Center to watch Priyo Oktaviano couture collection themed Hero. These pictures  will show you good-looking and stylish typical Indonesian heroes on runway, as the models wore clothes with traditional patterns in a modern way. They might not save you from the storm, but they would definitely save you from a non-stylish day. 

This post is the last part of my Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 posts. I hope I'm going to have the chance to visit next year's Indonesia Fashion Week. X

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  1. I LOVE the prints. Awesome posts!!!

  2. What a gorgeous collection... edgy, modern, ethnic, superb! ;D

    <3 Carsla
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