Lenny Agustin


This post is still about that same night when I attend Indonesia Fashion Week 2014.

The seat were all seated, the lights turned off, and the playful beat that made you reminded to high heels steps started. The show had begun.

Lenny Agustin, named after the designer herself Lenny Agustin, was the first show of Edgy Philosophy shows. The theme chosen for the collections was Radin. In Javanese, Radin means holy, neat, and clean.

When I saw the first model walked the runway with such an amused yet bold expression, I could easily notice cheerfulness in Lenny Agustin collections. Things that kept my eyes continuously stared at the models are the colours. So many colours but black. Even the models' hairdos are colourful, painted in blue, orange, and even in that shade of green which Lady Gaga once had. No doubt, the lady behind those lovely dresses is famous for an edgy, colourful design with traditional touch in every design. Though I said traditional, you wouldn't find even just one model wearing batik in a traditional way, with kebaya and selop for example. Instead, Lenny Agustin engaged batik and plastic to make such a playful dress for not-black-and-white people to wear. 

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