Scarf is always an easy-to-pick accessory when I'm in doubt. The black t-shirt that I'm wearing on these pictures would probably look boring without the scarf. Short story about the scarf, it was a gift from Germany for my mum. I didn't think that she liked wearing scarf, so I asked her whether I could keep it or not and she said yes. I told her that the scarf looked similar with the Burberry one and I loved it from the first sight. It's such a win win because I didn't have to spend lots of money for a scarf (since I haven't had my own money). Please notice that it's not a fake version of the real deal and that's just another reason why I love this scarf.

This outfit was my Saturday outfit in Surabaya. I was thinking about wearing something which would be comfortable to be worn on a sometimes-rainy-sometimes-sunny day. Then I thought this kind of outfit wasn't too dressy nor casual for lunch and mall at night. Besides accessory, the scarf had another function: I could save my hair from the rain falls with the scarf, but thank God the rain didn't come. Just in case it did.
T-shirt, Forever 21 - Jeans, Aye! Denim - Ballet pumps, Topshop - Bag, Zara

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  1. In a simple look if you add a colorful scarf it will change the look completely :)
    Lovely scarf <3

    Ines Loves
    Have a lovely day! <3
    IT *

  2. Great style ;-)

    Greets Jon,


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