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This post is still another outfit of the day post, but it might be a little different, with a little longer story for the pictures.
On previous Tuesday, 4 February, my boyfriend and I went out for lunch at Café Batavia. 4 February was our third anniversary, no wonder that we're looking for a nice place to spend a little time together. From one source, it is said as one of the most romantic restaurants in Jakarta. Well, we went there not because the romantic review about it, we just wanted to. I have visited the café before and I knew I loved it from the very first visit. The place made me feel like I was somewhere in Europe for quite awhile. 

Before that day, we didn't see each other for about two weeks. The last time he came to my house with some of my friends was on my birthday. It was a beautiful day though. And before my birthday, we didn't meet for about four months or more. He is studying somewhere out of the town, therefore we don't see each other everyday like we used to when we were in high school. 

Having him right next to me for a small talk was a really nice thing. I'm not a kind of romantic person who talk sweet things everyday, but when I do, I mean it. If you have a boyfriend, brother, sister, best friend or even parents who are away from you for the sake of work or education, or they're just live far away from you, I know you must feel the same thing as me. This also happens whenever my brother comes home, he is also studying out of the town and makes the house miss one of its members.

Days before we planned to meet, I already asked him to take pictures of me for my blog and he was happily accepting my request. After we had lunch, we went outside for a stroll around the Old Town (Kota Tua) park, to take my pictures also. The sun shone brightly, I said to him that that day might be truly blessed, since the day before heavy rain unstoppably came. 

After we photographed each other, he asked me to put his pictures on my blog and I was like, "You were being a loyal photographer of the day, so, okay". Even before this post being published, he kept asking and checking on my blog to know whether the pictures are already posted or not. 

Sweater, H&M - Bag, Zara - Necklace, Magic Spell - Shoes, Charles & Keith

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