Indonesia Fashion Week 2014



Just want to tell you that last Saturday I went to Indonesia Fashion Week 2014. Well, it was my first fashion week and I was very much amused by the shows. I am soo excited to blog about the shows that I watched on my upcoming posts and this post will be the opening post since there will be another four posts about the Edgy Philosophy shows. Do expect to see amazing designs of talented designers on my four upcoming posts.

7 PM at Jakarta Convention Center, I handed four requested invitations; one for me, one for my boyfriend, and the other two are for my friends. The crowd was full with probably the most stylish people in town that I rarely see anywhere even at the mall on weekends. I had never been in a place full of fashion people before. Those people had different tastes and personal styles, and wore all the eye-catching outfits. That was pretty much interesting.

My boyfriend, friends and I queued to get out invitation checked. When I entered the venue, the things that caught my attention were the well-dressed mannequins that posed and stood almost in every corner. What I had in mind was, "I want them." My favourite was the white one from Ali Charisma, you can see it on the pictures below. I had no idea what were the fabrics of the dress but I just fell in love from the very first time I saw it. The dress would be perfect for a red carpet moment, don't you think?

7.30 PM and I was already stood for another queueing to enter the hall where the shows were held. Actually, the shows were supposed to start at 7.30 but because some other things which I didn't know, they started about 30 minutes later. Well, the wait was not a big deal after my friends and I were all seated. We got such a nice row to watch the models show their clothes off. At least not too far on the back.

To be continued. Please be waiting for my upcoming posts! X
I do apologise for the low-quality picture, the outfit picture was taken with my iPhone. I wore my sister's Forever 21 boyfriend blazer, Pot Meets Pop jeans, Forever 21 shoes and Zara bag.
And here is the sneak peek of my next post!

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