Until We Meet Again


Leaving is, sometimes, the hardest part of traveling. Either because you're too tired to get up and pack things up, or because you just want to stay longer and longer. Okay, there might be lots of reasons to hate leaving, but at least those are what I felt in the morning when I woke up. My back hurt. I walked a lot the day before.

Again, I wore something which was comfortable to be snuggled in: Faux fur sweater. I told you that I'm always freezing in the aeroplane, right? Thank God, Sunday morning in Orchard Road was quite chilly so I didn't sweat in my sweater. Sounds weird, eh?

I thank my Zara bowling bag and Topshop ballet pumps for being good travel companions. But I have a little confession: I wish I did bring a pair of sneakers with me! Although walking in flats was comfortable, it stayed only for two or three hours. More than that, they started become pain in the arse (this doesn't mean that I hate them).

Time passed, I had to leave. Sadly I haven't done many things there but sightseeing and shopping. Uh, speaking about shopping, I think I'm going to post the most interesting things that I got whilst I was in Singapore, soon! Au revoir, Singapore!

Faux fur sweater, H&M - Jeans, Aye! Denim 

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  1. lovely sweater...

  2. I have the opposite problem: I'm always getting really hot on planes but that's usually on journeys longer than two hours. I hate that ballet flats, for all their versatility and cuteness, are not good walking companions!
    Glitter Daiquiri {blog}

    1. I finally realised it too. Thinking of not wearing them for long walking no more.

  3. love you sweater, I'm hoping to find one similar to that one :)


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