(The Not) Gloomy (Sweatshirt)


Yesterday I went to a bank to activate the SMS banking on my phone. It was a gloomy morning and you could just imagine how was the condition in a bank; securities, ATMs, tellers, customer services.. There was nothing special until the customer service lady whom I talked to said, "You have gorgeous hair." A sprinkle of heaven's glitter! She really made my day yet made me realise how a single kind sentence can bring happiness to a total stranger.

I do apologise if the story is not that important. I was just happy.

I did say that yesterday morning was gloomy (and so these past two weeks, sometimes heavy rain occurred all day long) so wore a long-sleeved shirt to make me feel warm. This kind of weather makes me become a total sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and everything long-sleeved fan. These pictures are not my yesterday's outfit, but they're showing my love for a light grey Forever 21 sweatshirt which is quite casual and comfortable and warm. I love how light grey matches the light blue jeans! Such nice colours, aren't they?

My mum and sister ever said that sometimes my hair looks like Lorde's. I don't know whether I should be happy or not since curly messy hair looks good on her and not on me. If you're wondering, those curls are naturally happen every time I just washed my hair.

Sweatshirt, Forever 21 - Clutch, Asos - Jeans, C2

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