Past week had been so much fun. My family and I went to Singapore after spent quite a long time to find the perfect date for a family vacation. We were there for three days and stayed in Mandarin Orchard for two nights. Glad to be there, you know, I just needed to walk out from the hotel and voila! Shopping centers are everywhere! 

I love snuggling in a warm top cause I'm always freezing in the aeroplane. That's why I chose to wear a sweatshirt for traveling. I didn't bring more than just a pair of black Topshop ballet pumps that I just bought a week before I went to Singapore. I have another pair in salmon pink which are gifts from my boyfriend, you can check them here

Since my first day in Singapore filled with city touring, the background of each picture is different. Enjoy!

Cropped sweatshirt, Spotlight - Open-side skirt, Forever 21 - Bag, Zara - Ballet pumps, Topshop - Sunglasses, Asos

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  2. Amazing pictures! Love your outfit btw!
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  3. I am loving the photo of you near the fountain. Lucky you and your trip!

  4. Looks like a beautiful place! I am new to blogging and was wondering who takes your pictures for you?
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    1. Hi! Mostly, the pictures are taken by my sister. If they are taken by another person, I would mention who they are on my post.


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