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Happy birthday! 

I just had my birthday on 16 January. I am 20, everyone. I finally reached the number that I was totally excited about when I was little. Uh, I think I'm going to do a short speech, it's once a year! To me, birthday means everything. This doesn't mean that I expect lots of gifts and cakes and candles, no. I kind of feel like every year, we get some and we lose some, on our birthday. Yeah, we're going to always receive good wishes, buckets of flowers, cakes, sweets, happiness. But on the other hand, I think we also lose another time to be alive, don't you think so? Therefore, I always wanna take chances cause we gotta live our life before we get old. Live our life, by saying that, I do not mean to make “YOLO” as my life motto so that I can do whatever I want, hell no. Well, I'll stop this before it's going too sad.

Birthday equals happiness. Happiness (sometimes) means gifts. On my 20th birthday, I received beautiful gifts from beautiful people. Some of them I got whilst I was in Singapore (and I considered them as early birthday gifts), some on my birthday of course, and one from I, myself.

I share the same birth date with the one and only, Kate Moss!
I finally got this lovely perfume! You know that I want it so bad. I'm not a perfumer, so I don't know how to describe how it smells. But, I have these conversations from Into The Gloss for you who are curious.

Nick: Oooo! This one is fruity and warm.
Emily: It smells slightly more like men’s deodorant—like Axe Body Spray.
Nick: Yeah, it’s like a guy who wants his girlfriend to smell like she’s wearing his clothes. I kind of like it. It smells like my guilty pleasure.
Lacey: No, I think this smells like Mountain Dew or Sprite.
Michael: Yes, effervescent, if you will.
Elizabeth: It’s subtler than a lot of celebrity fragrances, not as suffocating. It’s still not perfect but…
Mathea: It’s Our Moment by One Direction.
Nick: They did it again! The One Direction boys did it again!
Michael: This is their second perfume?
Nick: I don't know; I just mean, they did it again. Hit makers, those guys.
Mackenzie: I want to be in that moment.
Emily: Is it pour homme or pour femme?
Mathea: It’s pour femme.
Elizabeth: I bet Harry smells like that. It’s what you’d smell like after you embraced him.
Emily: I say 8 out of 10.

Kate Moss Image Courtesy - Ash-Cam

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