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Hi Gorgeous!

Today is the last day of final exam which I really excited about! It's New Year's Eve, everyone. Although I have no plan tonight, that's fine. At least I can enjoy the night with my laptop and a cup of coffee.

Have I told you about my exam today? No? Well, I just want to share my personal thoughts related to my presentation this morning in the classroom. Don't worry, it's still fashion related.
So, what I presented this morning was fur and animal rights. I didn't know why I chose that topic, I just felt like the fur issues are important to be shared. I always know that I love animals ever since I was a kid, and the fur issues are very very heart breaking. At first, I thought that's fine to wear fur as long as the animals are not being wasted, just like the meat still can be eaten and their bones are used for.. I don't know, anything maybe, it they are useful? But, it's different in the real life - at least from what I have read. The animals ARE being trapped or raised in cages ONLY for their fur. What came to my mind was, "What if the ones that are trapped are endangered animals?". Isn't it scary?

You must be thinking that I'm a vegan since I sound like an anti-fur. Actually, I'm not a vegan. I still eat meat but that doesn't make me less care about the animals. I tried to stop eating meat, not all kinds of meat actually, I was a pescetarian but it lasted only for one month. Feel free to judge, but yes it's hard to be a vegan or pescetarian around people who eat meat. 

Back to fur, I personally think that wearing fur belongs to long time ago when people did not have anything to substitute fur to keep them in warm - unless you're an Eskimo who lives far away in the winter cold. Because nowadays, we have a way better technology that able to produce fake fur clothing which is great and environmentally friendly. 

Yeah, everyone knows fur coats looks gorgeous and glamorous, but the fake ones are available in stores! What do you think, then? To fur or not to fur?

Image source: The Telegraph 

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  1. To faux fur :)

  2. I love your blog!!!
    very nice...


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