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Have you ever wondering where did your money go? Are they gone for goods? Did you bought the right stuff? Well, it's not about the regret after shopping, no. I'm just talking about that feeling you get after, for example, spend your money for a splurge bag. It's okay to get what you want or need as long as you have the money cause you've got the right to spend them, but don't you think it's a great thing if you can share a bit of your happiness while you purchasing a bag or two?

Angela & Roi, an online handbag brand, gives you the chance to donate a portion of your money to chosen non-profit health organisation at every purchase, as it is a part of their mission: Donate by Colour. Every colour means something; you choose your favourite colour, you choose where to donate. For example, when you purchase a black handbag, five dollars will automatically be donated to Melanoma (Skin Cancer) Alliance. Learn more about Donate by Colour here.

To all of you who are vegan, don't worry, because all Angela & Roi handbags are made from vegan leather. The only non-vegan part of their handbags are the A&R ribbons.

Anyway, I think it's not fair if I only write about their mission without telling you my opinion about the bags and showing you my favourites! I personally think that their designs are chic and elegant. Suit me? Checked. So, here are the pictures, they're lovely, aren't they? Start saving, Lulu!

Images source: Angela & Roi

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  1. Hey , I get the message from this firm too, they have great designs , I'm also in love with the red bag design , but I would prefer one of these in blue!


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