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Hello Gorgeous! Sorry for being productive on weekend only. Weekdays went so crazy, I couldn't even think what to write on my blog but wondering what I'm gonna wear on my next post, besides, I think you'll get bored if I post my weekdays outfit. You know that weekdays are uni days and usually my 'uniform' are basic shirt, blazer or jacket, and jeans. But hey, this post will not going to be an outfit post. I realised that some of my daily outfit were inspired by stylish artists, which some are musicians. I adore the way Niall Horan pulled up his baseball jacket (and I'm still regretting myself for not getting one at H&M), the way Paloma Faith mixed colours in her outfit, the way Taylor Swift dressed (who doesn't love her style!), and the way Kanye West paired blazer with leather trousers and his Nike kicks. 

Wether you agree or not, I personally think that those musicians bring something for us to follow. Not only the music, darling, they also bring us style and statements. It's not just the fact that they are famous, it is the fact that they apply their sense of music on what they wear. You'll hardly ever see a punk rock star dress as girly as Taylor Swift, right? 

These are some of my favourite musicians. I enjoy their music and of course, their personal style! Do you have any favourite musician?

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  1. Lovely post! Great pictures :) Would you like to follow each other?



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