"I am a black and white person" 

That quote from Karl Lagerfeld describes me, everyday. You'll almost never see me wearing a colourful outfit, including today. Don't worry, being a girl who wears monochrome almost all day doesn't mean that my life is sad and flat just like the colour that I'm wearing. Thank God it's not like that. Anyway, have you ever read a quote saying that black is a happy colour? If it's true, then I might be one of the happiest people in the world.

Speaking about Mr. Lagerfeld, you know that I adore him so much and today was a happy day because.. This afternoon I found a book, full of quotations by the one and only Karl Lagerfeld. It is The World According to Karl. Yes, even my eyes could easily found anything about Karl!

Shirt, Grande Factory Outlet - Skirt, Forever 21 - Necklace, H&M - Shoes, Charles & Keith - Bowling bag, Zara

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  1. I love the oufit. Once in a while you could try color blasts.

    1. Yes! I wish I'm brave enough to wear something colourful.


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