Faux Leather Baby


Hello Gorgeous! Today was a fun day spent with my family. I went to Pondok Indah Mall to visit H&M. First thing first, this story is not a happy one. I wanted to go there because, as I said on my previous post, I did regret myself for not buying a varsity jacket which was being sold there. It's gone. I couldn't find it hung on the clothing racks. I was upset but that was okay, then I decided to buy a necklace as a treat for myself. 

This morning was not as bright as usual, and ended up rainy the in afternoon. I wore a white sweater, which was once my sister's, a black faux leather skirt, my one and only red shoes and my favourite Zara bowling bag. Ah, anyway, I just wanted to tell you that this skirt is now one of my favourite skirts! I bought it las week at New Look. Although it's my first faux leather skirt, I already prepared lots of clothing items to pair with. I'm obsessed with it.

Meanwhile my parents were busy choosing 'the lucky one' to bring home at Longchamp and I had nothing to do, I asked my sister to take some pictures of mine with her iPod. Sorry of the low quality pictures, I didn't think it's okay to use a camera in a store.

Sweater, Forever 21; Faux leather skirt, New Look; Shoes, Zara; Bowling bag, Zara; Bracelet, Accessorize

PS: If you think you can't wear pastels on autumn days, you're wrong. Check IFB post and post your pastel outfit that, still, shows the chillness of autumn! 

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  1. I love your skirt! So nice!
    - Charlotte

  2. Very cute look!
    Now following, feel free to do the same :)


  3. Love this looks! soo chic and classy!


  4. lovely outfit :) I like the skirt!


  5. Great outfit, I especially love the skirt and shoes!



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