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I'm always wondering how does it feel to live a 'Devil Wears Prada' life. You know I always want to be a part of fashion magazine, especially as a reporter or a writer. I love to write things. If I become a reporter or a writer, I'll be able to write things for people to read, and on the other hand, I might also be able to inspire them. That is also one of the reasons I started this blog. Actually, I've been blogging since, probably, 14 or 15. What inspires me to blog is my love for dressing up. Playing dressing up has always been my thing since I was little. I was crazy about Barbie and Stardoll back then, and I think those kinds of things have built my passion for fashion and beauty.

I once had a Piczo account and I wrote things there and it wasn't all about fashion. Holidays, inspirations, sister's birthday.. Anything. Just random things. I loved the Piczo template because it was so girly. Fuchsia and black background, flirty. Anyway, it didn't last a long time. Then I started to make a real blog which I dedicated to fashion and beauty. Still not Coquettish Belle. I had several accounts in the past. I also made that blog because my cousin. She always inspires me to do something that I love and interested in. Well, maybe because both of us have the same interest in fashion. Back to my former blog, after I posted some articles there, I got busy with school and I stop blogging for quite long time. I still remember my post about the perfect jeans for each body shape. Times after that blog, I made a Tumblr account, it was sometime in 2009. Some people at school have Tumblr and I wanted to have one, I heard it was cool, and yeah it is cool. But Tumblr mostly not about my own writing, I rebloged things a lot. I did some writing, but not so many. You can still visit my Tumblr here if you want to.

Studying English literature makes my writing passion, which was buried for quite sometime somewhere in the world, comes back to me. I read books, a lot of books, practice a lot of writing in class; and then I thought, "Why don't I start writing a blog like I used to?". I knew what my blog would be like, and I knew that this time I have to be serious in writing blog posts. Why not practising things that I learnt in uni? Then I started to write my first post on Coquettish Belle on April 2013. Yes, Coquettish Belle is quite new, but I'm quite happy now about the traffic and people's respond to my blog. This doesn't mean that I am already satisfied with my blog, no. I know there are still a lot of things that I need to improve to make my readers become as interested as I am, and this includes my photography skills. However, I believe that every hard work which made with heart and passion will give the best result, sooner or later. 

Anyway, I'm also interested to know about your blogging experience. Is your blog new like mine? Really wish to read your story in the comment!


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  1. My blog is just entering a week old. Like you I've had many blogs in the past, some for personal musings, others for photography, or inspiration perusal but I've been grappling with the thought of creating a fashion blog for quite a while now and I finally came around to do it. I think that the community aspect of blogging really pulled me in to get the guts to put myself on the internet. I am a sharer by nature and blogging perpetuates my need to both create and be curious about personal style and fashion, not to mention it helps me curb my obsessive perfectionistic tendencies that sometimes heavily hinders my content creation. I love that you said you're not completely satisfied even though you're happy about some things and I'm trying to see my blog in that light as well.


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