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Hi, can you guess what I'm going to share with you? Yes, it's a Halloween outfit inspiration! And oh! Look at the picture above, you know exactly who he is, right? Harry Styles. Yes. 

Channeling Dracula or Zombie for Halloween party? Boring. You can still look stylish without looking creepy. So, for those of you who are still thinking about what to wear for this year Halloween party (especially you, Directioners), I happily present this post for you. I bet everyone will easily notice 'who you are' at the party. Who doesn't familiar with the Burberry heart print shirt? Harry had worn it twice; at his birthday party and at the premier of This is Us movie. Still have no idea? Victoria Beckham had also worn the same shirt in red.

Of course, to get this look, the most important thing that you need to have is a heart print shirt. I think you'll easily find it in stores since heart print shirt is in the autumn trends. Mine is from Redherring, but if there is no Redherring in your country, don't worry. I once saw the similar ones at New Look but with the smaller heart print. Short story behind my heart print shirt: I fell in love with it at the very first sight. I knew that I'm going to post it on my blog as soon as possible, and I knew that the blog post would be like a channeling Harry Styles post. 

I hope I look as good as Harry.

What do you think about the look? Who wore it better, Harry or Lulu? Whatever the answer is, just don't forget to say out loud, "Trick or treat!"

Heart print shirt, Redherring; Blazer, Mango; Jeans, Pot Meets Pop; Belt, Topman; Loafers, Stradivarius; Rings, New Look

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