This red satchel is exactly what I'm looking for. Okay, I haven't talked about this satchel, actually I bought it on the same day when I visited Lookatsmarket two weeks ago, but it wasn't sold in the bazaar. I found this baby at Bershka. I visit Bershka quite often but before that day, I haven't bought anything from Bershka. I didn't really mean to buy something since I already bought some clothes at Lookatsmarket, but, you know, the feeling to just browse and see came to me. I didn't find something interesting cause weeks before that day I also went to Bershka and I thought that there was nothing new until I slightly saw a burgundy colour. I love burgundy. When I found out that burgundy thing was a satchel, I can exactly felt the happiness in me! I was like, "That's it!" "Gosh, it has a faux crocodile detail." It's pretty, isn't it?

The colour looks lighter in the picture but actually it's a bit darker. It's a beautiful burgundy colour, so autumn. Can't wait to wear it!

Satchel, Bershka

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