Kiss Me Quick!


Hello Gorgeous!

As you can see on the picture above, I'm going to give a little review about Mac lip pencil Kiss Me Quick. Anyway, I am in looove with this lip product. If you see my previous post, you may know that I love to pair this one with my Riri Woo lipstick.

Okay, back to the Kiss Me Quick. It's a beautiful red with blue undertone, and if you ask my opinion, it's a purrfect lip pencil–at least the perfect one I've ever worn. It is also beautiful to wear it alone without the lipstick. 

Here is the swatches! The thin one is the Kiss Me Quick itself and the thicker one is Riri Woo. Actually the colour looks a lot more beautiful than what you see here.

Good thing about this lip pencil, besides it has beautiful colour, it makes my lipstick stays longer. The bad things are, you know, it's matte and it dries my lips a little and it's quite pricey for a lip pencil. I bought it for 250.000 IDR, or about $25. Okay I love it no matter what, but I don't know whether I'll repurchase this or not. 

Well, I hope this post will help to too find your perfect red lip pencil. 

Lots of Love!

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