Summer Hair Inspiration


I like to do some experiments on my hair, but when it comes to hairdos—I don't know why—looks like I always fail to do such a thing on my own. Therefore I decided to play with my sister's hair, and voila! A braided updo! 

Okay, I know it's super simple to do but for those of you who are looking for summer hair inspiration, these are the steps to get a Coquettish Belle braided updo:

1. Make a ponytail
2. Separate your ponytail into three sections, and start make a braid on each section then secure them with hair bands, so you will have three braids.
3. Start rolling the first braid. Secure the braid with bobby pins so that it stays on place. Do the same thing to the second and third braids.
4. It's hairspray time!

You're welcome!

Lots of Love,

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