Baby Black


If anybody asks me what my favourite colour is, the answer must be black. You know, even the famous quote says, “Black is the new black”, therefore I know I'm always going to fancy this darkest colour.

When it comes to clothing and accessories, I often find myself choosing the similar thing. It's like, the one that has black and gold details on it (with good model of course) can easily catches my eyes. Looks like I can never have enough black in my wardrobe! 

This New Look little cross body bag is one of my best friends. I have had this for almost a year but it's still one of my favourites. It's pretty simple and minimalist (that's why I bought it), AND whenever I feel like I don't want to bring big and heavy bag on a lazy day, I can always bring this one.

Cross Body Bag, New Look; Rings, Accessorize

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  1. Beautiful bag!
    I follow you on bloglovin,if you want check my blog out,I'd appreciate it: ♥


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